Saturday, March 26, 2011

Water is Vital

The Water Cycle:

All water on Earth is recycled... solar energy initiates vaporization from the Oceans... to create our atmosphere, clouds, rain and snow... returning through land, streams and rivers to the Oceans... We still have the same water that was first created... There is no "new" water... 97% is in the Oceans (saltwater)... 2% is in the frozen glaziers.... and 1% fills all of the fresh water rivers, lakes, streams on Earth. The water that flowed in the Nile River 2,000 years ago could be in your cup of tea tomorrow. All of the water on Earth only weighs 0.02% of the weight of Earth. Our bodies are made of 66 2/3% water.

Drink more water!
And protect our environment to ensure water security to every living thing.

Headaches? Drink water
Nausea? Drink water
Thirst? Drink water
Dry skin? Drink water
Fatigue? Drink water
Muscle cramps? Drink water

Do you really need 8 8 oz. glasses of water a day? Not exactly. 
Eat a diet rich in diverse whole foods and much of your water intake will come from the foods you choose. However, it is critical to listen to your body's signs of thirst and when it is time to drink something, nothing can beat what water has to offer.

Will you lose weight if you increase the amount of water to drink? Not exactly.
Although it might help fill you up, it may also deplete the enzymatic activity needed for good digestion. It has been known to help curb cravings, however, and is certainly better than beverages that act as diuretics or those that have added sugars, thus depleting your body of hydration, adding unnecessary calories and spiking blood sugar.

Whether you are prone to gulping to sipping, the best rule of thumb is to keep water on hand, heed your thirst signals and drink less of the "other stuff".

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