Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Got Cucumbers?

Each year during August, gardens everywhere are bursting with cucumbery goodness. It's our job to eat this refreshing bounty. Slicing cucumbers and adding them to ice water is a terrific make-over to our daily beverage, as well as adding them to salads, sandwiches and wraps. I eat them peeled and cubed with just a bit of salt and pepper. But sometimes our gardens give us a harvest that forces us to think BIG. This salad is perfect for any hot summer day, and can easily be made vegan/dairy free. With only 10 calories per cuke, loads of vitamins and minerals, and fiber... it's the perfect compliment to any mini meal, or a snack all on its own!

This is what I had on hand:

3 medium-large cucumbers, thinly sliced and halved
1/4 of a sweet Walla Walla onion, thinly sliced
2 scallions, diced
1/4 cup finely chopped fresh mint
2 TB of goat's milk plain yogurt (any plain yogurt will do, or no yogurt at all)
2 splashes of seasoned rice vinegar (more, if you skip the yogurt)
Black pepper and sea salt to taste.

This what I did:

Combine all ingredients in a medium sized bowl,
Chill for an hour to let the flavors marry,
Mix again and enjoy!

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