Sunday, October 23, 2011

Veggie Chorizo Bowl

Somewhere between Sloppy Joes and veggie chili, lies the Veggie Chorizo Bowl. Both sweet and spicy, this Mexican inspired "goulash" will make you think twice about eating out at your local taqueria. This simple dish can be served up in less than 30 minutes, either as a whole bowl, or mixed with rice and wrapped in a spinach or whole wheat tortilla. Bonus? It uses GABA brown rice, which can prevent and treat many conditions such as anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, insomnia, obesity and certain types of cancers. It's filling nutty consistency leaves you feeling "comfort food" satisfied. 

What I had on hand:

1 cup GABA brown rice
(I used the Koshihikari brand)
1 1/2 cups of water

2 TB peanut oil
1 package veggie chorizo
5 medium tomatoes, diced
1 small onion, diced
1/2 medium zucchini, diced
2 leaves green kale, torn in small pieces
1/4 cup hot wing sauce 
1/2 tsp adobo seasoning
1 tsp cumin
2 pinches ghost pepper salt

1 dollop of vegan sour cream or plain greek yogurt (optional)
1 pinch of cilantro or Vietnamese coriander (optional)

What I did:

Make rice according to directions. Heat oil in large wok pan. Remove casing from chorizo by cutting off the end and squeezing the package contents into pan like a tube of toothpaste. Add all remaining ingredients. Simmer uncovered, on low heat, stirring and scraping the bottom with a silicone spatula to prevent over browning or sticking for about 10 minutes. When you've reached the desired consistancy, turn off heat. Serve with rice. Top with a dollop of vegan sour cream or plain greek yogurt. Garnish with cilantro or Vietnamese coriander.


Many grains could be used instead of brown rice... Try quinoa, millet, elbow macaroni or polenta. Experiment with the type of tomatoes, too. I used "just ripe" ones from the last harvest of the garden, but canned Muir Glen Organic Fire Roasted Tomatoes would contribute a delicious smokey flavor, or you could use up the last of the salsa in the fridge.

For more information on the health benefits of GABA brown rice, click on this link:

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Three Sisters Stew

To Native Americans, the Three Sisters (corn, beans and squash) are the sustainers of life, believed to be special gifts from the "Creator". They are planted together in a hill, rather than in rows as we do now. The sturdy corn stalks support the vining beans, while the broad squash leaves trap moisture for the growing plants. This efficient planting technique, although noted by explorers as far back as the early 1600's, is mostly ignored in modern agriculture. Instead, we have devised a system of genetically modified seeds to fight disease and invasion, pesticides to eliminate stubborn pests and an enormous waste of precious resources.  

We have an opportunity to honor this trio. Just as they were planted together traditionally, and protected together, they are now served together in this delicious and exceptionally nutritious dish!

What I had on hand:

2 cups of cumin & olive oil roasted pumpkin, cubed

1-2 TB olive oil
1/2 red onion, diced
1 small yellow onion, diced
2 ears of fresh organic corn, sawed off the cob
2 cloves of garlic, pressed
1-2 cups of water
1/4 of a large zucchini, diced
2 medium heirloom tomatoes, diced
2 cups of green cherry tomatoes, diced
2 cups of black beans, cooked el dente
2 TB chili garlic paste

1/3 diced Vietnamese Coriander
A pinch or two each of: 
Ghost pepper salt, cumin, garam masala, crushed red pepper, course ground black pepper and sea salt

What I did:

Cut squash in sections, lightly coat with olive oil and roast in oven for 25 minutes at 350. Remove and let cool. Peel skin and discard, cube, sprinkle with cumin and sea salt, stir and return to oven for another 10 minutes. Freeze or use in 2-3 days.

I actually used the lemon infused olive oil leftover in a can of dolmas as my base oil. After heating the oil in the soup pot briefly, I added the garlic and onions to the pot and sautéed for five minutes. Then add the remaining ingredients, one at a time, adding only one of the cups of water initially, and added more later if you need it. You want it to be thick like "stew".  Season last, adding a few extra pinches to achieve your own desired preference. The ingredients actually have an amazing flavor, but the combination of spice compliments the dish completely. Garnish with Vietnamese Coriander. YUM.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Chocked full of fiber, potassium (bananas and figs), manganese and vitamin C (raspberries), antioxidants (raspberries and figs), and calcium (figs), this particular sandwich really packs a punch. It's nutrient density addresses asthma, hypertension, bone health, cancer prevention, weight management and macular degeneration.

You can vary the type of fruit you use for the "jam"... Aim for whatever is fresh, in season, and buy local. I had bananas, raspberries and figs - obviously - but thinly sliced granny smith apple, some blueberries, strawberries or sliced grapes would work equally well. Buy in bulk and blend in a food processor for more of a "jam" texture, and store in a glass jar, if desired. Seasonal choices will be on sale, making this an extremely nutritious and affordable meal. 

Use high quality fiber rich seeded and/or sprouted bread whenever possible, to boost overall nutritional density. Dave's Killer Sprouted Good Seed Bread is my favorite, but I'm also fond of Happy Campers Gluten-Free Party Hardy loaf, which when thinly sliced, is perfect for any nut butter and fresh fruit combination. 

Switch it up! Try raw pistachio or almond butters, or cashew creme. Use half nut butter and half Nutella for a special treat, while keeping added sugars to a minimum. This makes a hardy meal that travels easily, and will leave you feeling full of energy and satisfied. Eat 1/2 for a filling dessert, or the whole sandwich for a jump start to your day. Wash it down with a small glass of vanilla hemp, unsweetened soy or plain almond milk. Or if you must, a small Americano. YUM.

What I had on hand:

2 slices of Dave's Killer Sprouted Good Seed bread, toasted
1 large fresh fig, thinly sliced
1/2 banana, thinly sliced
a small handful of raspberries
2-3 TB Smuckers Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter (no sugar added)

What I did:

After toasting one slice, spread on nut butter while bread is still warm.
Add fruit on top, while toasting second slice. Cover the 1st slice with 2nd slice,
and use a saucepan lid to cover the entire sandwich, pressing down.
This will help secure the sandwich together, keeping it warm and gooey,
until you are ready to eat it. So good!

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