Monday, December 6, 2010

Broccoli for Breakfast

It seems as though I've been surrounded lately by an influx of peeps talking about their recent broccoli experiences. Most of these culinary discussions started with "Mmmmm..." and ended with "That was the best broccoli I've ever had!!!!" In each case, quality was highlighted and while going with organic is best if it is available, conventionally grown broccoli will do fine, if need be. Choosing bright green crowns with a tinge of purple is best, as darker florets are more nutritionally dense. Buying crowns only are usually more expensive, so I opt for those with the stalks not only to save money, but because when peeled, those stalks are highly edible and nutritious as well and are good for cubing into omelets, soups or stir frys.

So for breakfast, here's what I had:

1 egg
1 red potato
1 clove of garlic
1 tablespoon of butter
1 cup of broccoli

Here is what I did:

I added the butter to a heated pan.
Then I thinly sliced the potato into the pan,
flipping things around occasionally and adding some salt and pepper.
Put the pan's lid on too, to keep some of that steam in there.
Mince the garlic and toss it in there, flip things around again.
Chop or thinly slice the broccoli and once the potatoes are almost done,
add the broccoli on top of the potatoes. Put the lid on again and steam for a few minutes.
when the broccoli is bright green and potatoes brown, remove food from pan and into a bowl.
Crack egg and add to already greased hot pan. Add some salt and pepper, cover with lid and cook egg to preference. I like it over easy, with the insides just a little bit runny.
When the egg is done, flop it onto your veggies and VIOLA!
Breakfast. YUM.

For additional information about the nutritional benefits of broccoli, click on any of these links:

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  1. i've been on broccoli for breakfast for years. vegetables are a real gentle way to wake up the digestive system. thanks for the posts, sabby - you're self care is inspiring.